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Реклама на транспорте в любом городе России

TMG - крупнейший федеральный оператор рекламы на транспорте (250 городов размещения).

Мы владеем самой большой сетью собственных рекламных мест на 10 000 единиц общественного транспорта.

У нас Вы найдете все виды бортовых и внутрисалонных форматов, а мы поможем выбрать оптимальное решение для эффективного контакта с потребителем.

TMG Principles

Control, guarantees, reports
10 days campaign launch
Free layout
All formats
Any routes
Exclusive contracts with transport companies

Why transit?

широкий охват
рекламу ежедневно видят
десятки тысяч людей
не заметить
движущийся объект привлекает
в 5 раз больше внимания
Работа в команде
присутствие транспорта в медиа-миксе
усиливает работу других медиа
до 45 м2
Крупный формат
наружной рекламы
76 %
Одобряют рекламу
на транспорте
72 %
70 %
61 %
Каждый день автобус видят
В Москве
80 000
В Санкт-Петербурге
60 000

Transit advertising in your city

Large and midsize buses. trolley-buses, trams
800 000
indoor sites
120 000
outdoor sites

Direct contracts with transport companies
*Direct contracts with transport companies in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Bashkortostan and Karelia. In other cities we have reliable vendors.

Campaign launch in 14 days

Own production department
Аn in-house developed Campaign Management System
Quality monitoring over the whole coverage
All transit media formats:
Full wrap
Standard formats
Creative approach (non-standard facilities, diode constructions,interior full wrap, BTL)

Large and midsize buses
10 000
indoor sites
10 500
outdoor sites
Direct contracts with transport companies
Campaign launch in 5 days
Own production department
An in-house developed Campaign Management System
Quality monitoring over the whole coverage
All transit media formats
Full wrap
Standard formats
Creative approach (non-standard facilities: diode construction, interior full wrap, BTL)
more than
In Moscow
and the Moscow region
Large and midsize buses
4 400
Units of transport
42 000
indoor sites
13 100
outdoor sites
Direct contracts with transport companies
Campaign launch in 10 days
Own production department
An in-house developed Campaign Management System
Quality monitoring over the whole coverage
All transit media formats
Standard formats
Full wrap
Creative approach (non-standard facilities: diode construction, interior full wrap, BTL)
More than
in Saint-Petersburg
and Leningrad region

Наши события

[Let's go with TMG]
Buses with "Simvol" are now in the streets of Moscow!
OOH industry in the era of digital revolution
The 58th FEPE International Congress was held in Stockholm in which about 400 delegates from 40 countries participated, in particular there were operators, advertising agencies, national associations, OOH manufacturers from all continents. The general focus of the conference was directed to revolutionary processes that take place in OOH world nowadays. Speakers from different countries spoke about changes in OOH industry, discussed media metrics, positioning methods, investment climate, stated their vision of development vector and growth prospects of OOH market. The main subject of the conference was "How OOH can succeed in the era of digital revolution". Representatives of Russian advertising business also participated in the Сongress. In particular, TMG CEO Alexander Epin addressed the global OOH community
Project for FC Zenit
We would like to share one of our brightest summer projects launched in St. Petersburg for FC Zenit.
A creative TMG project has helped Dinopark to make a statement
We would like to share a new outstanding TMG project - this time it has been for Moscow Dinopark (the biggest park of dinosaurs, smart entertainment and amusement arcade). For about a month the capital residents have been coming across its memorable advertisement on the buses of all western district.  
Alexander Epin was elected co-chairman of the Committee for Outdoor Advertising of ACAR
Alexander Epin, CEO of TMG, was elected co-chairman of the Committee for Outdoor Advertising of ACAR.
"Beautiful China" on the streets of Moscow
The State Administration for Tourism of China conducts an advertising campaign in Moscow "Beautiful China. Journey of all life. "
TMG launched more than 700 transportation campaigns for this spring
This spring TMG launched more than 700 projects - both in the cities of its presence, and federal.
[See new projects]
We show  new ads on transport again. In Moscow, launched a campaign for the resort "Rosa Khutor", in St. Petersburg - for the football club "Zenith", and in Ufa, the producer center "Fangid" announced the upcoming concert of the legendary group "Scorpions".
Projects of the week
We launched new advertising campaigns! We share the brightest: in Moscow - for the "House of Music", in St. Petersburg - for "Beeline", in Ufa - for GC "Third Trust".



Margarita Savelieva, regional marketing manager:

“Buses were the only outdoor format we used to promote Myworld, new social network. We were attracted by bus media advantages: buses drive brand awareness, differentiate the product from its competitors. Bus directly communicate the message to a large & valuable audience quickly & affordably. ADback is effective non standart format for reasonable price. It attracts consumers attention as they follow the bus down the road.

We are extremely satisfied with the results of that campaign and we plan to use that kind of advertising to promote our other projects".


Andrey Kutuzov, the senior brand manager in the Ice Cream category of the Unilever Group of Companies in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus:

"The reputation of the company manipulates consumers to choose one ice cream brand or another. Therefore the chosen advertizing strategy supports image of our products as premium segment brand with high quality. We have an experience in advertizing on walking boats and we knowand and we know that advertising on water handles with the setted mission sucessfully. Boat floating in the central water area is not only a large format of our advertizing in the city centre, but also the image media which is a part and the face of the city landscape. This format supports the product status, helps to form the consumer's loyalty to the brand and to raise the trust level to it."


“Antiviral”, director general, Mikhail Gorbyntsov:

"Buses were more effective than it was expected. In St.Petersburg 50 bus billboards helped to drive the sales up to 160%. In Moscow we bought 140 billboard and spent much more money, but the results was 130%. Buses achieved excellent target coverage in St.Petersburg, we are pleased. Transit advertising has great advantages:

(1)High prestige status: the center of the city is a strategic place, and every significant business owner tends to provide a presence of his brand in the central part of the city

(2) Buses are close to the points of sales & reach the target audience at the moment of shopping

(3) Buses are close to the customer at the moment of purchase. That is especially important for products like over-the-counter medicines. A person goes/drives home, sees a bus, goes to the pharmacy and buys a product".


Victoria Kulagina, the head of the media group Optimum Media OMD:

"The project is branding and stimulating at the same time. Its purpose - to announce the new Mango collection spring/summer 2010 and visualize Scarlett Johansson as the star person of this campaign. In Europe transport is an integral part of the marketing strategy. The format efficiency in Russia was proved in 2009 when we used transport in advertizing campaign for the first time".


Julia Orlova, Media Markt South-West branch office director:

"Transit advertising is a convenient media to promote retail goods. It is possible to combine image adverts and special price offers. For example, you can see Media Markt advantages (“Big choice” or “Tiny prices”) and specials at the same time. This format lets to inform our consumers about new offers in our store".

Our clients

Scheme of work

Calculation and transport program
Preparing the layout,
signing of a contract
Making color proof,
Photo report

Transport advertising

Transit Media Group is the largest national transit media operator in Russia. We offer all possible land transport advertising solutions in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Bashkortostan, Karelia and more than 250 cities across Russia.

TMG is recognized as the most professional transit media specialist with its own production department, unique automatic Campaign Management System and the most experienced team in the industry.

We provide the quickest, the most quality and controlled advertising campaigns. We make transit advertising convenient, high ROI and modern instrument for your business.

Advertising on transport with us:

  • Extensive experience with managing over 40 000 campaigns
  • Any campaign level in any city in Russia (from few vehicles to national coverage)
  • All transit media formats (from 1,6 m² to 200 m²)
  • Any routes combination (city coverage or stock navigation) optimized for each city
  • An in-house developed Campaign Management System
  • Creative approach (non-standard facilities: diode construction, indoor branding, BTL)
  • Quality monitoring over the whole coverage throughout Russia
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